Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Red Eyed Tree Frog

So, you want to adopt a red eyed tree frog and keep him as a pet? There are just a few important factors to keep in mind when selecting a red eyed tree frog for sale. These factors are health, reliability of the source and your dedication to its care. With thoughtful consideration to these conditions, you will be able to enjoy the dazzling color and unique character of these most beloved amphibians for years to come.

Where to Find Red Eyed Tree Frogs for Sale

Red eyed tree frogs for sale can be found in pet stores and at reptile dealers and shows. They can be obtained from breeders and there are plentiful online sources. When purchasing online, ensure that the seller is reputable. You may consider checking your local pet stores before shopping online so that you can see the frog in person before buying. Buying local is also beneficial, for the store will most likely have the proper food and habitat requirements for your new red eyed tree frog.

There are reptile and amphibian shows where you can observe red eyed tree frogs for sale. These frogs are generally well-cared for by breeders and are healthy specimens. The breeders are knowledgeable about the care of this frog as a pet and you can learn much from them. Check online or at pet stores to find out about any upcoming shows in your area.

Choosing a Healthy Frog

Factors to Consider for FrogWhen selecting a red eyed tree frog for sale, it is best to choose one born in captivity rather than one that is wild caught. Those that are captive bred are generally healthier and not as stressed. It is best to select an adult frog, for the younger frogs are very sensitive. Look for frogs longer than approximately ¾ inches.

If you must select a wild-caught red eyed tree frog, inspect it for any noticeable health problems. Look for patchy coloring, as this is a sign of poor health. The frog should be uniformly green on its backside. If you notice a frog sleeping on the ground as opposed to a high place, do not choose this one. This is very unusual behavior for a tree frog and may signify a health issue.

Look for frogs that are alert, whose eyes are bright and whose movements are stealth and coordinated. Avoid purchasing a red eyed tree frog with open wounds or abrasions. These wounds could lead to bacterial infections. Do not buy a frog that is visibly thin or appears dehydrated.

Obtaining a red eyed tree frog as a pet is serious business. They require lots of attention and care. Their habitat should be developed as specified for their health and well-being. Do your research and be dedicated to your new pet’s care. The red eyed tree frog is a wonderful creature whose appearance and delicate movements will delight you. Feed them regularly, don’t handle them and enjoy their presence.