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Feeding Red Eyed Tree Frog

Red eye tree frogs are carnivorous and insectivores. They generally consume soft-bodied invertebrates. The most common and commercially available food is crickets. If you supplement your tree frogs with other insects such as worms, flies, moths or grasshoppers, you would have a happy tree frog.

Feed your adult tree frogs about 5 to 6 items every two or three days. Juvenile frogs are fed on daily basis as they have larger appetite.


Crickets are most commonly available and easiest source of red eyed tree frogs food. They are the most acceptable for the tree frogs during all life stages. Remember to feed your crickets with assorted fruits, vegetables or cricket food before 12 hours feeding them to your tree frogs. The gut loaded or dusted crickets will pass the nutrient to the frogs. During the winter season, cricket might be hard to source. It’s suggested that you can breed your own crickets to ensure full supply of various size of cricket all year long. Normally own-bred crickets are clean and out of bacteria. This can make sure that you have healthy tree frogs food supplies all time. Crickets Breeding Made Simple is the best book I’ve ever read about breeding crickets.

Other Insects

red eyed tree frog food - cricketsRed eyed tree frogs like eat most of the live insects. Meal worms, wax worms, or silk worms can be used as supplement to crickets. Place these worms into feeding dish to avoid burrowing into the substrate. Tree frogs also eat other insects like fruit flies, curly flies, house flies, spiders, grasshoppers and moths. Gut loaded these insects with reptile supplements before feeding them to your red eyed tree frogs.

Reptile Supplement for Health Frogs

High quality reptile vitamins and mineral supplements are important as diet supplement to your frogs as healthy pets. Food such as crickets and other insects are recommended to be gut loaded with calcium or vitamin D3 regularly before feeding, especially juveniles. Reptile multi-vitamin supplements and calcium powers are recommended to be dusted on the insects once or twice a week.

Water Source for Red Eyed Tree Frog

Red eyed tree frogs need water. A dish of shallow fresh water should be provided all time. Make sure the water is chlorine free. You use the bottled spring water or treat the tap water with anti-chlorine. Most of the times red eyed tree frogs do not drink water directly, but they like to soak in the clean water for rehydration. Water should be replaced every day to avoid ammonia and bacteria from building up in the water. If budget allows, try to setup a reptile misting system that will provide appropriate humidity to the cage and frogs. Frogs will drink from the water accumulated on the plants resulting from the misting as well.

Red eyed tree frog food
Different type of food for the frogs in the wild and captivity

Frog Feeding
The feeding is fascinating to watch, they ambush their prey and quickly consume it.