The red eyed tree frog is a much loved species and there are a variety of products available that feature them. Whether you are a book lover, a collector, like T-shirts, or enjoy displaying frogs with posters or stickers, there are red eyed tree frog products for everyone.


There are wonderful books available for all ages. There are storybooks, photography books and books that are great sources of information for the red eyed tree frog. If your child loves red eyed tree frogs, a story book featuring this loveable creature is sure to win their hearts.

If you know someone who likes red eyed tree frogs and has an interest in photography, there are beautiful picture books available that capture this frog at its most beguiling. When you are looking for a book that is informative and educational, there are ones available that contain facts and care tips, as well as habitat and general information about this species. has a nice selection of books and other red eyed tree frog products.


There is a wonderful selection of red eyed tree frog products that appeal to the collector at many online stores. Creative sculptures in porcelain and ceramic make great gifts for the red eyed tree frog collector. has a great selection of everything frog, with a variety of red eyed tree frog figurines.


Who wouldn’t love a red eyed tree frog T-shirt? They come in a variety of designs, from one large frog displayed to many. T-shirts make fun gifts, especially when they display a creature as vivid and friendly as a red eyed tree frog. T-shirts are available in all sizes, from infant to adult. Red eyed tree frog T-shirts also come in a variety of colors to match anyone’s tastes.

Posters and Stickers

frog-pinWhen you want to enliven a room, hang a red eyed tree frog poster on the wall. The red eyed tree frog is one of the most photographed animals. This being so, it is easy to find a poster that is perfect for you. has an excellent selection of posters displaying this beautiful frog in every type of pose imaginable.

Searching for red eyed tree frog products for kids? What kid doesn’t love stickers? They use stickers to personalize their notebooks for school, to put on their toys and for creating artwork. Red eyed tree frog stickers make a great party favor, especially if your child’s birthday party theme is frogs.

Books, collectibles, T-shirts, posters, calender, mouse pad and stickers are all red eyed tree frog products that make excellent gifts. The red eyed tree frog is such a loveable, beautiful creature. Having this frog displayed in your home or on your shirt is a delightful way to show your appreciation for its inherent charm.

Red Eyed Tree Frog Books has books of all types; from story books to guides on care, to beautifully photographed books.

The Frog Poster: Art and Activism
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Red Eyed Tree Frog Posters
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Red Eyed Tree Frog Toys for All Ages
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Red Eyed Frog T-shirt
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Unique Red Eyed Tree Frog Gift
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