How to Prevent Red Eyed Tree Frog Illness

Many diseases affecting the red eyed tree frog are serious and it is best to prevent them rather than try to treat them once they are established. There are several ways in which you can prevent red eyed tree frog illness. The most important thing to remember is to keep their environment clean so that they can thrive.

Clean Water is Essential

Of primary importance to the health of your red eyed tree frog is clean water. The red eyed tree frog absorbs water through its skin and the oxygen obtained there helps them breathe. Their skin is very sensitive and can pick up bacteria from unclean water or hazardous chemicals from water that is not thoroughly de-chlorinated.

To prevent red eyed tree frog illness, keep their water supply clean by changing it regularly and making sure the water does not contain chlorine. You can purchase drops at a pet store that clear water of chlorine. Add the drops to the water 24-48 hours before you expose the frog to the water. The alternative is to simply use bottled water.

Provide Proper Ventilation

When you set up your red eyed tree frog tank, make sure it has thorough ventilation. It is best to purchase a tank that has a screen cover. Since the red eyed tree frog requires a humid environment, this can sometimes cause mold and mildew to form on the tank and its contents. This can cause bacterial and fungal infections, which can transfer easily to your frog. Proper ventilation and regular cleaning of the tank can prevent red eyed tree frog illness.

Feed Them Right

Make sure that your pet red eyed tree frog gets proper nutrition. The main staple to their diet is the cricket and these should be treated with a supplement before feeding them to the frog. This will ensure that the red eyed tree frog is absorbing the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals.

Calcium is important to the health of your red eyed tree frog and you can purchase calcium supplements to feed to the crickets. Alternately, you can coat the crickets with calcium powder prior to feeding them to your frog. This, along with regular feeding, should provide your red eyed tree frog with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

These are the major ways in which you can prevent red eyed tree frog illness. You can also minimize the amount you handle them and make sure your hands are washed before doing so. Be sure to select healthy specimens when choosing a red eyed tree frog for a pet. Additionally, don’t overcrowd the tank because this could lead to infection and injury.

Overall, taking good care of your red eyed tree frog’s habitat, providing it with supplemented food and keeping its water clean is vital to its health. By upholding these practices, you will have a healthy, happy red eyed tree frog free from disease.