How to Recognize Illness in Red Eyed Tree Frog

The ability to recognize illness in your red eyed tree frog will help you take better care of your pet.  The red eyed tree frog can become ill due to malnutrition, skin irritations, fungal or bacterial infections, as well as other problems.  Learning to recognize the signs of illness in your red eyed tree frog will help you to quickly diagnose the problem and provide the proper care.

Behavioral Signs

If you red eyed tree frog is not behaving normally, observe him to isolate the symptoms.  For example, if he appears lethargic it may just be that he is not receiving enough nutrients.  Make sure you are loading the crickets with supplements or using a powder supplement on crickets before feeding them to your frog.  If lethargy is accompanied by bloating, this may indicate a more serious health issue and you should see your veterinarian.

Bloating is a sign of edema, which comes in two forms.  One form of edema is bacterial and the other is caused by vitamin toxicity.  Bloating from vitamin toxicity is caused by kidney failure and is fatal.  This is why it is important to recognize illness in your red eyed tree frog early.

If your red eyed tree frog has bacterial edema, normally soaking the frog in clean spring water for a few hours will help.  The best way to prevent bacterial edema is to provide a very clean environment with fresh water.

If you notice your frog becoming lethargic and he stops eating and jumping, this could be a sign of Metabolic Bone Disease, which comes from a lack of Vitamin D and calcium.  Your red eyed tree frog may appear to have lost weight as well.  If you notice these symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Outward Signs of Illness

To properly recognize illness in your red eyed tree frog, you need to learn about their skin and coloring to ensure that it is normal.  If you notice sores, cuts, discoloring or abrasions, this could be the result of a bacterial infection or can develop into one.  You should contact your veterinarian immediately because bacterial infections can be fatal to your red eyed tree frog.

Discoloration of your frog could be what is known as Red-leg.  This is indicated particularly by reddish coloring on their thighs and belly.  Don’t mistake the red eyed tree frog’s normal orange colored legs for disease.  If you are uncertain, contact your veterinarian.  Red-leg is caused by a parasite and exacerbated by lack of humidity, stress or poor diet.

If you notice that your red eyed tree frog has cloudy, smoky eyes he may be the victim of Cloudy Eye.  This condition is generally caused by the frog being poked or scratched on the eye, which can be caused by something in its environment, another frog or from being transported.

Learning how to recognize illness in your red eyed tree frog is an all-important part of caring for your pet.  They are susceptible to a variety of illnesses, many of which can be treated early to prevent death of the frog.  Learn more about your frog and the illnesses that it can contract.  Research the symptoms and illnesses.  Most importantly, if you recognize illness in your red eyed tree frog, contact your veterinarian immediately.