Red Eyed Tree Frog Light Source Options

The red eyed tree frog is nocturnal by nature, becoming active at nightfall. Light is not an absolute requirement for the health of the frog, but there are lights that help you maintain the plants in the tank and allow you to observe the frog at night. Careful consideration should be taken when choosing the right red eyed tree frog light sources.

Natural Light

Natural daylight is sufficient for the red eyed tree frog. However, do not place the tank directly next to a window, as this may make the tank too warm. Placing a tank near a window will also be susceptible to drafts, which can cause unwanted temperature fluctuations in the tank’s interior.

Since the red eyed tree frog is nocturnal, they do not require any light source at night. If you wish to observe them at night, you can install a black light near the tank. Be careful not to place the bulb where the frog can come in direct contact, as it will burn them.

Full Spectrum Light

It is thought that full spectrum light is healthy for the frog, but there is little evidence to back up this theory. The red eyed tree frog gets plenty of vitamins from supplements in its food. However, if you have live plants in the tank they will require some form of light to remain healthy. A full spectrum light source is the best for this purpose.

Fluorescent Light

Fluorescent light is a good light source because it does not generate as much heat as full spectrum lighting. It also works well for plants. Do not provide any more than twelve hours of light, so as not to interfere with the red eyed tree frog’s natural habits.

Considerations for Lighting

frog-light-source-optionsWhen applying any kind of red eyed tree frog light sources, keep in mind the frog’s natural routine and do not create lighting conditions that will interfere. Do not use very bright lights, as they can cause damage to the frog’s eyes and make them uncomfortable.

Do not place red eyed tree frog light sources where the frog can come into direct contact with them. You may also consider setting the light sources up with timers so that the frog does not get too much light.

Lighting for the red eyed tree frog is not an absolute requirement. Take into consideration the frog’s natural behavior, as they are nocturnal. Keep red eyed tree frog light sources to a minimum for the frog’s health and well-being.