A Pet Red Eyed Tree Frog for Kids is a Learning Process

The red eyed tree frog has become a very popular pet. They are exotic, beautiful and kids love them because they are cute. However, when purchasing a red eyed tree frog for kids, you must consider the level of responsibility it takes to raise this species as a pet. The red eyed tree frog is not generally a pet for beginners; therefore, you must teach your kids how to care for them properly.

There is no denying how appealing the red eyed tree frog is to kids. They delight in their bulging red eyes, their sticky orange feet and brilliant colors. Children love to see them climb or just watch as the frog clings to the side of an aquarium.

The first thing to teach kids is that the red eyed tree frog should not be handled. This can stress the frog and also possibly harm its delicate skin, causing infection. If the child must handle the red eyed tree frog, make sure they wash their hands first. It is also important that the frog is handled at night, during its normal active period. Do not disturb the red eyed tree frog from its sleep during the day.

A pet red eyed tree frog for kids is a learning process. Teach the child about the frog’s natural habitat and explain why the captive habitat must resemble that. Let the child pick out the supplies for the tank, explaining the purpose of each item.

Once the red eyed tree frog tank is set up, show the child how to mist the tank and frog regularly. Instruct them on the importance of humidity and moisture for the frog. Stress the importance of providing fresh water that is chlorine-free to the frog daily.

Teaching the child about feeding the frog should be a fun experience. They will no doubt enjoy watching the red eyed tree frog feed on crickets. Instruct the child how to properly dust the crickets with a powdered vitamin supplement.

You can make learning about the red eyed tree frog fun for your kids. This will keep them involved and motivated in the proper care of the frog and the maintenance of the frog’s habitat. Draw colorful pictures or paste photographs of red eyed tree frogs on cards and make up cartoon word balloons that instruct the child on the frog’s care.

For example, paste a photograph of a frog eating on a card and write the words, “It must be 6:00 because I’m hungry!” Draw a picture of a red eyed tree frog swimming and write the words, “I think I’ll go for a swim. Is my water clean?” Pasting fun reminders like this will make having a pet red eyed tree frog for kids an enjoyable experience.

Monitor the progress of the frog and stay involved. Your child will appreciate your interest in his pet and you can make certain the red eyed tree frog is getting the care it needs. A red eyed tree frog for kids can be fun and educational if handled properly.