Proper Red Eyed Tree Frog Tank Temperature Setting

The red eyed tree frog temperature setting for its new habitat is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy pet. When setting up the red eyed tree frog’s terrarium, you must make sure that the temperature remains at the designated level for day and evening.

Temperature Setting

The optimum daytime temperature should be kept between 75-85o F. At night, the temperature should be between 65-75o F. This is the approximate temperature that the red eyed tree frog is used to in his natural habitat of the rainforest.

If your home environment differs from this preferred red eyed tree frog temperature setting, you will have to provide a heat source. You can use one source or a combination of heat bulbs, ceramic heat emitters and a heating pad placed under the tank. Never place a heat source directly on or near the frog, as this can burn them. Heat rocks are also not recommended for this reason.

Tree Frog Tank TemperatureThe red eyed tree frog does not like direct bright light so use infrared or diffused light bulbs. Never keep the tank near a window where the sunlight can bear down on your pet. Remember, in the rainforest the red eyed tree frog remains in the cool shade underneath the leaves of trees during the day and is active at night.

To properly adjust fluctuations in daytime and nighttime temperature, you may wish to connect the heat sources to a timer. Let the habitat cool at night by approximately 10o F. No lights should be used at night so that the red eyed tree frog can enjoy its natural nocturnal activities.

Humidity Levels

Humidity is an important factor in the proper red eyed tree frog temperature setting. The humidity should remain at least between 60-75 percent. To maintain humidity in the tank, mist the tank and even the frog daily with purified water. You can also mist the plants, which will further help maintain the proper humidity level.

Do not let the tank become stagnant by providing adequate ventilation. Clean the tank frequently to prevent mold or mildew. Also make sure that your red eyed tree frog has a fresh supply of water daily. If you have a water dish or water feature in the tank, this will also aid in the humidity level.

Keeping your little green friend happy and thriving in his captive environment relies greatly on the proper red eyed tree frog temperature setting. Maintaining the correct temperature and humidity level in your frog’s habitat can be accomplished by using outside heating sources and misting daily.