Red Eyed Tree Frog Books

Red eyed tree frog books are a wonderful way to share the amazing beauty and interesting habits of this animal.  There are books of all types on the red eyed tree frog – books for information and research, books for children, books for photographers and books for those looking to keep a red eyed tree frog as a pet. offers a great selection of books on the red eyed tree frog.

A very popular book that contains photographs and information about the red eyed tree frog is Frogs by David Badger.  The book features spectacular photographs by known nature photographer John Netherton.  This book makes a wonderful coffee table book to be kept on display for friends and family to enjoy.

Among the many red eyed tree frog books at is Red-Eyed Tree Frog by Joy Cowley.  This wonderful book is appropriate for all ages, especially young children.  It contains beautiful photographs with simple text that provides a surprising amount of information.  This is a book that will be enjoyed by frog lovers of all ages.

For the children, renowned nature photographer John Netherton has compiled a wonderful collection of red eyed tree frog photographs, along with simple, easy-to-understand information.  Red-Eyed Tree Frogs (Early Bird Nature Books) is also available at and would make a great school reference for children’s science reports.

Tree Frogs (Complete Herp Care) by Devin Edmonds is a good informative source among red eyed tree frog books.  It can be used as a reference for those wishing to raise a red eyed tree frog.  This book provides informative insight into the care and housing requirements of the frog.

A book that has captured the hearts of many children into adulthood is Journey of the Red-Eyed Tree Frog by Tanis Jordan.  Beautifully illustrated, this book tells the story of two red eyed tree frogs’ journey through the rainforest.  It provides a timeless lesson about saving the environment.  This is one of those red eyed tree frog books that will be passed down through the generations and shared by those of all ages.

There are hundreds of red eyed tree frog books available at  You can choose educational, children’s story books, photographic books and books about the care of your pet red eyed tree frog.  Once you pick up one, you may find that you will be looking for more!  Who can resist those sweet green creatures with such brilliantly painted bodies?