Red Eyed Tree Frog Breeding in Captivity

In nature, breeding happens during cool and rainy season. You may imitate and stimulate the rainy season by misting the vivarium more often so that breeding is possible at any time of the year.

A sign prior to breeding is that male frog will be calling and develop nuptial pads on the inside part of the thumbs. Female may have more truncated snouts.

Prepare a Breeding Site

For effectiveness, a breeding site with high humidity should be created. A misting pump should be installed to create rainy chamber. Pothos plants are needed to create eggs laying area. Be sure there are sufficient water pool at the bottom of the vivarium with places where frogs can rest out of water.

Always try to mimic the environment that is similar to the red eyed tree frog breeding in nature to increase the changes of success.

Eggs Laying

Before eggs laying, the male tree frog will amplex with the female for few days. She will descend to the water and take some water to in her vent. Then, the female frog will find a suitable place to lay the eggs, which is 3 to 4 clutches, around 30 to 50 eggs per clutch. You may leave the eggs where it’s laid, however moving the red eyed tree frog eggs to a safer place is recommended, such as egg hatching container.