Red Eyed Tree Frog in Australia

The red eyed tree frog in Australia resides in the coastal rainforest areas of North Eastern Queensland.  They are a beautiful specimen of frog and quite popular in photography.  They are sometimes referred to as the northern red eyed tree frog and are the most colorful frog in Australia.

The Australian red eyed tree frog is bright green with a white to pale yellow underbelly.  Their throats range in color from yellow to bright orange.  Their thighs are also bright orange and their feet can be yellow or orange.  Their eyes are orange.

The adult red eyed tree frog in Australia is approximately 2 to 2-1/2 inches in length.  As with the red eyed tree frog that resides in the rainforests of Costa Rica and Mexico, this frog is nocturnal.  During the nights, the frog feeds on insects.

They have a distinct call that is mostly heard during mating.  They call from shrubs and the lower branches of trees.  The calls last for nine to twelve hours and each call is up to two seconds long.  The red eyed tree frog in Australia starts out with a growl that increases in pitch and ends in a series of trills.  During the rainy season, the calls are prominent among rainforest sounds.

The eggs are laid in clutches and number anywhere between 800 and 1500.  They are protected by a jelly-like substance.  The fertilized eggs fall to the bottom of the water and hatch into tadpoles.

The Australian red eyed tree frog has discs or pads on its toes, which are almost completely webbed.  They adhere to the leaves of trees by their toe pads, which form a mucus that allows them to hold on to surfaces.

The red eyed tree frog in Australia, or northern red eyed tree frog, is scientifically named Litoria xanthomeraXanthomera is derived from the Greek words xanthos, which means orange and mera, which means thigh.  The name, therefore, is quite appropriate for these brilliantly colorful amphibians.