Red Eyed Tree Frog

Red eyed tree frogs are native to Southern Mexico, Central American and Northern Colombia which they inhabit in lowland neotropical rainforest where near rivers and ponds. This special amphibian usually has bright green colour skin, blue or purple rib with white side strips, ruby red eyes and orange toes. They are carnivores, eating insects.

Pet Red Eye Tree Frog Facts

red eyed tree frog pictureRed eyed tree frogs can always be excellent pet. They are medium sized frog, and known as Agalychnis callidryas. With only minimal care is needed, they are doing well, well recommended for beginner pet frog owners. This tropical amphibian is mostly captive bred, inexpensive and can be easily found in pet shops and breeders. They are special in their ruby red eyes and toes. This arboreal hylidae can be great pet for your family.

Care Sheet
An information manual you need to know to own this special little frog.

Food & Feeding
Everything you should know about the frog’s diet and feeding.

Frog Tank & Habitat
A guide on how to setup tank for red eyed tree frogs with appropriate a aquarium and its tank size, light and heat requirement, decorations for natural habitat.

Breeding Red Eyed Tree Frogs
How to breed them effectively in order to have beautiful and healthy baby frogs.

Baby Frogs – Tadpoles & Froglets
General and care information for the tadpoles, froglets and baby tree frog.

Health & Illness
Common health problems or illness that may happen to your tree frog.

Red Eyed Tree Frog for Sales & Breeders
Where and how to buy a healthy pet frog, no matter if it is in pet shop, online breeder or reptile amphibian show.

Frog Products and Collectibles
The frog products are available for everyone; whether you are a collector, enjoy books, like T-shirts or posters.

Photographing The Red Eyed Tree Frogs The ways to take frog photos in the wild and captivity.

Pictures and Photos
Red eyed’s pictures, photos, and wallpapers.

Tree Frog Video by National Geographic
Interesting video on this wildlife amphibian pet in nature.