Frog Supplies

In order to establish the best habitat for your red eyed tree frog, you will need to have the right supplies. Foremost, you will need a proper tank, heating source, food and substrate. In addition, you will want to purchase various supplies such as plants and tank decorations. When selecting red eyed tree frog supplies, it is best to make a list of items needed.

Some recommended red eyed tree frog supplies are:

  • Tall, 10-20 gallon glass or Plexiglas tank, terrarium or aquarium
  • Tight fitting screen lid for tank
  • Plants (Pothos ivy, ferns, philodendrons)
  • Heat lamp or ceramic heat emitter
  • Under-tank heating pad
  • Thermometer and humidity gauge
  • Lighting source and bulbs
  • Water bowl or water feature
  • Vitamin powder
  • Live crickets for food
  • Misting sprayer
  • Rocks, driftwood, branches, hollow logs
  • Mulch or other substrate for bottom of tank

In addition to the above red eyed tree frog supplies, you may want to invest in a good book about the species. The book should include information about the species, its habits, health concerns and proper care and maintenance for the red eyed tree frog and its habitat.

The tank should be tall, since red eyed tree frogs are arboreal. They spend most of their time in the tops of trees and will need tall branches and plants to climb. Make sure the tank lid is secure so the frog will not escape the tank. A screen lid is best as it provides a good amount of ventilation.

The plants you choose should be washed before you put them in the tank and of a variety that is not harmful to the frog. Among the red eyed tree frog supplies you purchase, you may want to include a hollow log for cover and rocks for aesthetic appeal.

To maintain the proper heat and humidity of the tank, purchase a ceramic heat emitter or a pad that can be placed under the tank. Keep the humidity level correct by misting daily with a sprayer. A thermometer and humidity gauge will ensure that the correct conditions are maintained.

You will need live crickets and vitamin supplement powder to keep your red eyed tree frog fed properly. Pet stores or online sources will have these items. A calcium supplement is also recommended. Provide your red eyed tree frog with clean, non-chlorinated water daily.

A light source for daytime is needed if the tank will not receive enough natural daylight. Low-wattage fluorescent or full-spectrum lights are sufficient. If you wish to observe the red eyed tree frog at night, invest in a low-wattage red bulb so as not to disturb the frog’s normal habits.

Once you have purchased all of your red eyed tree frog supplies, enjoy your new friend! Take care of their habitat by cleaning it regularly, maintaining any plant life and keeping the humidity level high. Keep your frog healthy by feeding it regularly with supplemented crickets and the occasional treat of mealworms or wax worms. Now, sit back and watch this extraordinary creature!

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