Key Essentials to Red Eyed Tree Frog Tank Setup

The red eyed tree frog is an arboreal animal, meaning they reside mostly in trees. For this reason, the red eyed tree frog tank setup should provide plenty of vertical space. Aside from vertical space, the most important elements of the tank setup are proper humidity, a good water source, heating, substrates and plants. These elements are all necessary for the health and happiness of your wonderful new pet.

The Arboreal Tank or Aquarium

The ideal setup for your red eyed tree frog is an arboreal tank. These are tall square or hexagon shaped tanks that allow the optimum amount of vertical space for the frog to climb. You can put in pieces of driftwood or branches and add plants, since the red eyed tree frog spends most of his time in his natural habitat clinging to the bottom of leaves.

The ideal size of tank or aquarium is 20 gallons. This will provide enough room for up to three red eyed tree frogs. You may consider getting at least two, since they thrive better in a community. If the arboreal tank is out of your price range, a regular 20 gallon aquarium that measures at least 16 inches high will be sufficient. Make sure the cover is secure so your frog does not escape the safety of the tank.

Humidity and Water Supply

Humidity is vital in red eyed tree frog tank setup. The ideal humidity level should be kept at a constant 85 to 100 percent. To achieve this, you should provide the frog habitat with a filtered pond, a waterfall or water dish. In addition, mist the tank and the frog with a spray bottle as often as needed to maintain the proper humidity level.

If you opt for a pond or water dish, make sure you include an object that the frog can climb onto in case he falls in the water. This can be a branch, driftwood, rock or plant. The water should be cleaned daily and be chlorine free. Never use water straight out of the faucet. It should be filtered or you can use distilled or bottled water.

Keeping Your Frog Warm

The proper temperature for the red eyed tree frog tank should be between 75 to 85 degrees during the day and between 65 and 75 degrees at night. To maintain a warmer temperature, you can use heat bulbs, ceramic heat emitters or place a heating pad under the tank. Be careful that the heat source does not come in direct contact with the frog.

Substrates and Plants

frog-tank-setupGravel is a simple substrate for the tank as it works well for drainage and is easily cleaned. You can place pine bark or organic soil on top of the gravel. Also include sphagnum moss in the tank to help keep the humidity up and as cover for the frog.

You can use artificial plants in the tank; however, live plants will help maintain the humidity when misted regularly. Be careful when choosing live plants as some species can be harmful to the red eyed tree frog’s delicate skin. Rinse the plants to rid them of insects and pesticides before putting them in the tank. Recommended plants are snake plants, pothos ivy and some philodendrons.

It is crucial that the new captive habitat you provide for your red eyed tree frog is properly set up. By following simple guidelines for proper tanks, humidity, temperature, water supply, substrates and plant life, you can ensure the health and happiness of this amazing creature. Red eyed tree frog tank setup is simple and when done properly, will allow you to enjoy your unique pet for years to come.