Red Eyed Tree Frog Toys for All Ages

Red eyed tree frog toys are available for all ages and make wonderful gifts.  What better way to spread a little colorful joy to someone than to let them share in the wonder that is the red eyed tree frog?  There are stuffed toys, action toys, puzzles and various other toys that will surely bring hours of pleasure to children of all ages.

Red Eyed Tree Frog Toys for Toddlers

One of the great red eyed tree frog toys for toddlers is Froggy Frenzy by Manhattan Toy.  This delightful frog is soft plush with a big mouth that toddlers can put insects into and hear frog sounds.  The toy comes with three soft winged insects that the child can place in the frog’s mouth.  There is a door in the frog’s belly where they can take the insects back out.

Rich Frog makes two wonderful toddler toys.  The Froggy Friend is a stacking toy that has soft, all cotton rings to toss or stack.  The frog’s head goes on the top and has a rattle inside.  The Frog and Babies Pull Toy is a traditional pull toy with wooden wheels and soft plush adult frog trailed by two baby frogs. These red eyed tree frog toys are available from

Red Eyed Tree Frog Toys for the Older Child

Do you have a child that likes to play toss but is not quite ready for a baseball?  They would probably enjoy the Frog Velcro Catch Game.  This game comes with one “ball”, which is a plush frog head, and two gloves with Velcro palm and finger pads to make it easy to catch.  This is available through the online store,

A great pal for your child, the 18” Zipper Belly Frog with Friends is a plush red eyed tree frog with Velcro hands so they can be wrapped around the neck for travel.  This frog’s belly is clear vinyl that contains six 2.5” plastic frogs.  He zips up on the side for easy access and is available online at

For the mischievous child, there is the Colossal Squirt Frog that is 9” of rubber.  When put under water and squeezed, this squirting frog sucks in water through his mouth.  He squirts it out when he is squeezed.  What kid wouldn’t love one of these colossal red eyed tree frog toys?

There are also beautiful colorful puzzles for older children and adults.  There are plush red eyed tree frog toys of every size, even one that is a total length of 50”!  Kids and adults alike would enjoy these lovable guys.  A Noodlehead Red Eyed Tree Frog is a little bit funky, with a stretchy rubbery noodle hairdo atop this plush toy.

There are red eyed tree frog toys of every shape, size and category.  Whatever your child or your inner child desires can be answered with one of these wonderful, fun toys.  Indulge your child – or yourself – with these imaginative toys.