Red Eyed Tree Frogs for Sale

Buying Red Eyed Tree Frog
Sometimes red eyed tree frogs are hard to find, but with a little efforts, searching for red eyed tree frog may become an easy task. They are available for sale at pet stores, online pet stores or breeders, local breeder or reptile amphibian show.

Pet Stores
Most of the time, red eyed tree frogs are available for sale at pet stores. However, due to this uncommon pet, you need some efforts to search in your local pet stores. If it is not available, seek for their helps to order the frogs for you. The drawback is you do not understand the condition of the pets such as whether it is captive bred or captured in wild or how healthy it is. Pet stores might have limited frog for your selection.

Online Pet Stores and Breeders
It is quite common to buy pet from the internet nowadays, you can easily find a red eyed frog for sale online; either it is online pet stores or breeders. Online breeders maybe pet enthusiasts or professional breeders. They may have their own website or they hang around in the forums. The negative aspects of buying red eyed tree frogs online are that you cannot inspect its condition before purchase and they might be injured during shipping.

Reptile Amphibian Shows
It’s good to purchase red eyed tree frog from the reptile amphibian show as there are lots of exhibitors and sellers. You may get a good condition tree frog at competitive price. However, you need to ask your concerned questions before buying.

How to Select a Red Eyed Tree Frog?
tree frog hide for protectionWhen you find your pet, you should probably select a healthy pet. Captive bred tree frogs are generally healthier and less stress compared to wild caught because they are free from parasites and bacterial infection, hence easier to care. Check if they are physically injured or hurt. Try to avoid tree frog that is less than 2cm because it’s harder to take care as they are very sensitive.

Quarantine Your Tree Frogs
You need to check if your newly purchase red eyed tree frogs are healthy before introduce them to your existing tree frogs. Place them at separate vivarium or tank for at least 2 to 3 weeks. Make sure they are free from bacteria and parasites and do not show any symptoms of illness. This will make sure your existing tree frogs are safe.

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How to Buy a Red Eyed Tree Frog?
When buying a frog, consider the responsibility that goes into its care and educate yourself through research.

Where to Buy the Frog?
Several options: online seller, pet store or breeder at an amphibian or reptile show.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Red Eyed Tree Frog?
keep in mind their health, the reliability of the seller and the required care