The Red Eyed Tree Frog Poster: Art and Activism

The red eyed tree frog is one of the most photographed subjects and is featured on numerous posters.  They are the species that stands for the preservation of the rainforests.  Bulging red eyes, bright green skin, vivid blue and yellow stripes and vibrant orange toes stare out at you from every camera angle.  Red eyed tree frog posters make great gifts and can show your support of rainforest preservation by purchasing and displaying one.

Symbol of Activism

The red eyed tree frog poster has long been the key promotional instrument for rainforest preservation efforts.  The frog is an indicator species.  They are one of the first species to show the effects of climate changes, pollution, disease and other factors involved in the depletion of the rainforest and its inhabitants.

Not only is a red eyed tree frog poster a beautiful piece of art, but it is the symbol of activism for the notable cause of rainforest conservation and preservation.  What better species than this most colorful and friendly amphibian to show the world what is at stake?  If the red eyed tree frog habitat diminishes, this little frog will lose its home and eventually fall into extinction.

Artistic Expression

A red eyed tree frog poster is a work of art.  Photographers spend hours capturing the perfect balance of nature and expression to portray the red eyed tree frog that we all know and love.  Transferred to a poster, these photographs make a wonderful display.  These posters are an expression of color and the artistry of nature.

When matted and framed, a red eyed tree frog poster makes a bold statement.  With backgrounds that range from black to the green foliage of its habitat, the red eyed tree frog stands out vividly. These posters make great background for classrooms and dorm rooms.  Hang a few in a game room or child’s bedroom.

Need a gift for a nature lover or a frog collector? The red eyed tree frog poster would make a great addition to their collection.  There are plenty of sizes to choose from at various sources online. The popularity of the red eyed tree frog makes it easy to find just the right poster for anyone on your gift-giving list.

The red eyed tree frog poster is a colorful statement of art and activism. The widely photographed red eyed tree frog makes a vibrant subject matter for a poster.  Whether hanging one as art, giving one as a gift or supporting the worldly cause of rainforest conservation, the red eyed tree frog poster is a beautiful expression of nature at its most colorful.?