Ways to Keep Your Red Eyed Tree Frog Healthy

The best way to keep your red eyed tree frog healthy is to provide it with a clean environment. The red eyed tree frog has very sensitive, delicate skin that assists it in breathing. The skin is very susceptible to infection due to its very porous nature. When you have a red eyed tree frog for a pet, ensure that its environment is clean and that their habitat has the proper temperature and humidity settings. In addition, make sure that the frog is provided with clean water and is fed well.

A Clean Environment for a Healthy Frog

To keep your red eyed tree frog healthy and happy, make sure you clean their tank regularly. Wash everything with water, remove any dead plants and replace moss that has accumulated mold or mildew. Clean or replace gravel, if you use this as a substrate.

If you have plastic plants, logs or rocks, clean these thoroughly as well. Remove any insect remains. Clean the red eyed tree frog’s water container and replace it with clean, chlorine-free water.

Water should actually be changed at least every other day. For maximum cleanliness, replace their water with fresh every day. They rely on water to keep their skin hydrated and it is essentially important to take all measures necessary to keep their skin healthy.

Proper Habitat Conditions

In order to keep your red eyed tree frog healthy, you must maintain the correct temperature and humidity settings in their habitat. The temperature should remain between 75o-85o during the day and 65o-75o at night. The humidity level should be at 80%. You can increase the humidity level or keep it steady by misting the tank with a spray bottle of water on a daily basis.

Refrain from handling your red eyed tree frog, as their skin is very delicate and sensitive. If you must handle them, wash your hands with an antibacterial soap and rinse thoroughly. Any dirt, debris or bacteria present on your hands can be easily absorbed into the frog’s skin and result in a possibly life-threatening infection.

Feed and Supplement

Keeping Tree Frog HealthySimply feeding your red eyed tree frog with crickets is not sufficient for their proper nutrition. Crickets should be loaded before being fed to your frog. There are vitamin supplements available in pellet form that can be fed to the crickets 24 to 48 hours prior to feeding them to the frog. A calcium powder can be used to dust the crickets as well.

Treat your frog with occasional wax worms or meal worms. Their staple diet should be crickets, but feeding them a variety will make them happier and help with their feeding. In addition to food, it is vital to provide your red eyed tree frog with fresh water frequently, even daily.

If you take these steps, you can keep your red eyed tree frog healthy and happy. They will thrive in a clean environment and when they have the nutritional balance required. The red eyed tree frog will remain healthy if cared for properly and provided with a suitable habitat.